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Avian Flu in Dawlish

Late last night after photographing the shop windows, I had some time by the brook. In this photo, the dad to all the cygnets came and swam next to me while I sat on the path. He’s lost his partner and the last clutch of cygnets to avian flu and […]

Black Swan Cam Goes Live

A black swan cam has been in discussion since around 2015 at the Dawlish Chamber of Trade meetings and finally, in 2019, it was approved with a grant by Dawlish Town Council. It then took the best part of 12 months to organise the parts and arrange the install as […]

Installation of Black Swan Cam

After months of having to postpone the installation of Black Swan Cam due to the 2020 pandemic, I finally can get all parties together to install the live cam. This project was my biggest so far for Dawlish Beach Cams with their first PTZ camera (point, tilt and zoom). The […]