Since phase two of Dawlish Sea wall was approved by Teignbridge Council, Network Rail had been informing me of a machine that was being drafted in to commence the work on the new sea wall for Dawlish railway station.

WaveWalker is a dynamic, innovative 8-legged, self-contained walking jack-up, capable of operating safely and effectively in rough seas, surf zones, on beaches, in shallow transition zones and other intertidal locations.

After seeing my photographs of the WaveWalker in Dawlish, the WaveWalker BV company contacted me and asked me to officially photograph and film the WaveWalker while it’s here in Dawlish. An agreement has been made and I’ll be shooting for them throughout its time in Dawlish.

Nicknamed Luke WaveWalker, it is a truly incredible piece of kit as seen in the video below.

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